The art of Segun Samson: MR W.O.W


Mention Segun Samson to anyone and you’ll be met with the same reaction: WoW!
Segun, a visual development artist (another fancy title for “OMG, AWESOMENESS!!!!”) from Ondo state who creates masterpieces for animation and movies. Like most illustrative artists, his favorite arsenal of choice is his pencil set and good ol’ paper but when it’s time to turn-up & push the envelope, he turns to Photoshop and Zbrush.

He has worked at  Elixir studios, Lantern books, Dreamcast animation studio, genii games, and, now currently, working as a concept artist in Gamsole game studio. Segun Samson hopes to work at the leading animation studios like Dreamworks, Disney, Blue Sky..etc..) to get the experience and learn from industry gurus.

Pause. Allow for a minute so we can pick our collective jaws from the floor. Segun’s works are just that amazing and mesmerizing. See what we mean below:

tyler correct blursineatermaster yodamagician finalfinal geek+gamerdaycorrectcomplete black pirateboy and frog

Did you catch yourself applauding?…

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