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Comparto parte de mi trabajo realizado en animación con 3ds Max


Lámina personalizada de una vida


Hola a todos!

Hoy os traemos una nueva ilustración personalizada!! Dos mundos dibujados en una sola lámina. Intercalamos los gustos de una o varias personas, de forma que la lámina sólo puede ser leída por el destinatario. Aunque no lo podáis ver, la persona que lo recibe puede identificar anécdotas, historietas o personajes que reconoce a través de las vivencias representadas.

Nos encanta hacer estos dibujos, porque conectamos a dos personas en una ilustración de una manera diferente…

ilustracion boda personalizado

A continuación os mostramos imágenes del proceso que seguimos, para que podáis ver cómo realizamos a mano cada una de vuestras historias. Eso sí, a base de cafe…y galletas que no aparecen… =)

ilustracion boda handmade


Hello and welcome to Ondarcy blog!


That’s our first post in English, so we are a little excited. Hope you enjoy our work!

Today we want to show you a new design

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Street artists from around the world — brought together virtually by TEDx and the Google Cultural Institute

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One of Peap Tarr's  beautiful murals, highlighted in the Google Cultural Institute. This beautiful mural, created by street artist Peap Tarr in Phnom Penh, looks on fire. It is one of dozens of works highlighted in the Google Cultural Institute. Watch Peap Tarr’s TEDx talk.

Alexandre Farto spends his days creating towering works on the buildings of Lisbon and London — portraits of people that mirror urban decay, dissolving into scratches and splatters. Their stretched-out visages gaze over these cities with solemn, elegant omniscience.

Meanwhile, Shai Dahan adorns walls, facades and barriers in Gothenburg and Borås with colorful odes to Swedish history and culture, inspiring conversations and heated debates between strangers via sticky notes posted on building walls.

New Zealand-raised Peap Tarr paints in Phnom Penh to connect with his heritage, working through issues of identity, influence and geography with sweeping murals saturated with Cambodian culture. They brim with both color and emotion.

Every street artist has a story to tell. Just one…

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